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Saltstick Caps 30 salt balls

Saltstick Caps 30 salt balls

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Salt balls for running - to restore essential salts lost in the sweating process as a result of intense physical activity


Salt ball capsules are a must-have product for long-distance runners, especially in the hot Israeli climate. During high-intensity physical activity, the body produces a lot of heat. The mechanism of sweating, which is essential for cooling the body, is designed to allow the body to deal with this situation. However, the sweating process involves a significant loss of fluids and salts, which may lead to symptoms such as fatigue, muscle contractions and decreased performance. Salt balls for running contain the same salt composition as that found in body sweat, thus contributing to delaying the negative consequences of sweating. Salt balls are intended for all athletes, and in particular for runners and endurance athletes, who perform intense physical activity in the hot Israeli climate.

Benefits and activities of salt balls for running:

Contain a varied and ideal dose of salts - with optimal absorption capacity. Contain added vitamin D - which accelerates the absorption of salts. Contribute to restoring essential salts to the body after physical exertion - which are emitted from the body during the sweating process . Vegetable capsules without gluten, with the WADA international standard, and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Each salt ball capsule contains:

Sodium - 215 mg Potassium - 63 mg Calcium - 22 mg Magnesium - 11 mg 100 IB vitamin D

Usage instructions:

One portion of salt balls = one unit. One capsule of salt pellets should be taken for running, every 30-60 minutes of physical activity.

Do not rely on the details on the website about the product's ingredients, there may be mistakes or discrepancies in the information, the exact data appears on the product. The data on the product packaging must be checked again before use.

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