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CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Chain SRAM AXS 12s

CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Chain SRAM AXS 12s

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Due to its unique optimization treatment, CeramicSpeed's ultra-fast racing chain saves you watts and improves your performance with unparalleled free speed and low friction. Our ultra-fast racing chains are carefully selected from high-quality suppliers and hand-tuned in Denmark.

This ultra-fast chain has been optimized for SRAM AXS Road 12-speed compatibility, to increase the efficiency of the entire drivetrain.

Chains CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Racing can save you 2-5 watts over 650 km/400 miles. Apply CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Drip after 650 km to keep your chain peak optimized for the life of the chain.

Please note that the handling of UFOs is not adapted to wet and muddy conditions, which can cause chain corrosion. Read more about this in the maintenance tab.

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