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ALL IN CREATINE POWDER 250 GR Creatine powder

ALL IN CREATINE POWDER 250 GR Creatine powder

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Kreatin powder Kreatin monohydrate is one of the most popular supplements among exercisers, the product contributes to an increase in muscle mass and an improvement in strength in a short time. Helps increase the rate of weight gain among gym exercisers. Increasing keratin reserves in the muscle by supplementation may improve the rate of energy production during and after a short high-intensity workout.


Keratin powder from Olein contains the highest quality raw material available on the market: - Creapure ® pure keratin made in Germany - improving performance in training, increasing the level of performance of short and intense efforts: reducing sensation The fatigue following the increase in the energy reserve. - Assistance in the recovery processes after training - Contribution to the increase in muscle volume

Made in Belgium, kosher 83 servings

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